2016 Romantic Novel New Releases


All the novels lovers can confess to the love of reading a new book. Below is a list of the newly released romantic books:

Wicked Sexy Liar

This is yet another fiery addition to Christina Lauren list of romantic editions. It is a bout London, a bartender who loves her life but never seems to get hooked with any guy. This always leaves her as a third wheel when hanging out with her friends. After meeting Luke, she couldn’t help but fall for him. Luke also seems to have gotten himself a good thing. It takes the two a while to advance their relationship to something more meaningful.

The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne

Christopher Argent is on a hunt for Millie when he falls for her. What will Millie do when she discovers his mission?

Betting the Bad Boy by Sugar Jamison

Duke has a disastrous passion for the judge’s daughter which lands him in jail. After the sentence, he becomes very successful. What will happen when he discovers he had a child with Grace?

Heart like Mine by Maggie McGinnis

Delaney, the beautiful doctor is deeply attracted to the interim doctor, Josh. Is there any hope for this passion?

One With You by Sylvia Day

The narrator is in love and married to Gideon Cross. Will their marriage be able to weather all the storms?

One Hot Summer by Melissa Cutler

Remedy Lane loses her job at Hollywood. As she seeks to get back to her feet at Texas, she realizes that her career is in the mercies of Micah Garrity. In addition, passion sparks between th two. What happens next?

The Beast by J.R. Ward

This is a story of two siblings, Rhage and Mary who are faced by battles. They need to survive. Will they stand for each other or will it be a one man for himself case?