Best Books that Make Great Gifts

Books make great gifts. Here is a collection of the best books to give away as gifts.book_gift

This is Mars

This is a combination of art and science that brings together exceptional and detailed images showing the beauty of the recently discovered mars. All images have been received from the US observation satellite.

Comic Genius

This is a gift of laughter in itself! The book is a collection of legendary names who have been captured in artful portraits. Each portrait has been accompanied by first-person reflections of each comedians about life and laughter, cutting deep into the heart of comedy and the funny part is that it is true. Stay engaged with these memorable proses.

Anything that Moves

Be a part of this humorous an exciting adventure as you get a look at the scenes behind all meals prepared in America and the implications of our eating habits. This is a look at chefs who are blood drinkers, insect eaters and avant-garde, making food out of wood and roadside leaves. Others go ahead and serve schedule I drugs and endangered species. In other words, this book casts characters who flirt with disgust, taboo and danger, all in search of the sublime. There is also a huge network of dealers, pitchmen and scavengers who are responsible of bringing the rare and exotic stuff into the market.


Gift a young explorer (ages 7-10) with the ability to tour the world at the comfort of their room. This is a book of maps that beautifully illustrates cities, boarders, peaks and rivers. Besides this, it also clearly illustrates places of cultural and historic interest, iconic plants and animals, cultural practices and any other facts of interest about any region in the entire planet.

Let me off at the top

This is an autobiography by Ron Burgundy, a perfect gifting to an anchorman-obsessed reader. Ron talks about his humble beginnings desolate town, life as a student at Our Lady Queen of Chewbacca High School and how he defied all odds to become one of the leading and most trusted television news presenter in America. Here, Ron lets out all his private thoughts, his disappointments and triumphs. Get a look into his life, how he founded the greatest on-air news that America’s TV news ever had and get to know his share of great exploits. His socialization with people of all sorts including celebrities and their wives, presidents and their wives and most interestingly, his meeting with the love of his life, Veronica Corning stone. His is both a criminal and colorful life.

The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

This is a compilation of classic Andersen stories such as ‘The Ugly Duckling’, ‘The Princess and the Pea’ and The Little Mermaid’. It would make a perfect gift for a story teller. All the artwork collection is unexpected and sparkling. Each tale has been paired with the artist hence the presentation of this book has been enriched with a unique format. This book is a collection of 23 fairy tales and is suitable for the whole family.